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Tilting and Rolling Slab Table 


Prices do not include shipping

  • 1,500 lbs capacity
  • 4-8" omnidirectional locking casters
  • 80 degree tilt with two safety pin locks
  • Improved rollers with bearing for easy siliding
  • Four slab holder wedges included
  • 29" to 40" height adjustment
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Improved rollers with bearing for easy sliding. 29" to 40" height adjustment. 1,500 lbs. capacity

why should you buy your next saw form us

* Money per machine its the best deal in the USA please check our compare page.
* Its the most sold machine in the US 2007 before the economy went south (57).
* Our machine have the same option that US or Italian made have, all option are included on our machine. (no extra)
* We have spare parts in CA at all time & can overnight them, prices of spare parts are inexpensive.
* We have a list of past customer at your fingertips to call, visit and discuss performance.
* We have machine in stock at all time (California, Los Angeles).

Chinese prices with American Service

800 788-8478

(USA Pacific Standard Time)

BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

* Don't be fooled by machine suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not have them in stock. DIACO (closed) the new name is SIMCO USA
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or better go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities to stand behind the product they selling.