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Delivery, Installation & Training included  for all saws

5 Axis
full size 20'x16'x8'
wireless remoteincluded

full size 20'x16'x8'
compact 19'x10'x8'
full size 20'x16'x8'
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Check our referral list :In case you have to travel to see a saw we will cover you expenses when you buy one.

Shop Equipment and accessories
Recycling System

Complete powered hydraulic table system

Bridge Saw Laser wireless pendant remote



Rotating & Tilting



works with any saw (universal)




works with any saw & crane (universal)

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Sink Router "Scorpion" Red Ripper -Stone Router Blue Ripper - Rail Saw Hydraulic Tilting Table Powered hydraulic table system



$2,880 -(2HP)



$4,190 - (2HP-3HP)





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why should you buy your next saw from us

* Money per machine itshe best deal in the USA please check our compare page.
* Its the most sold machine in the US 2007 before the economy went south (57).
* Our machine have the same option that US or Italian made have, all option are included on our machine. (no extra)
* We have spare parts in CA at all time & can overnight them, prices of spare parts are inexpensive.
* We have a list referrals past customer at your fingertips to call, visit and discuss performance.
* We have machine in stock at all time (California, Los Angeles).
* Finance available to all

The Best Value Saws in the Market Today

BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

*Don't be fuelled by suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not have them in stock. 
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities.
GUARANTEED: Will deduct $500 from the lowest offer in the US 48

 Ordera DVD of the Machine Installation & Benefits


International toll free 800 788-8478 (USA Pacific Standard Time)

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Buy Bridge Saws, Granite Bridge Saw and Water Jet at Rock Bottom Prices

PB Marble Services offers high quality bridge saws,granite bridge saw and water jet machines at very affordable prices. We are known for providing bridge saws and abrasive water jet cutting machines at the most competitive prices. You can also get all the spare parts of these machines at our warehouse. Our bridge saws are being widely used by fabricators to cut solid stones like marble and granite.

We provide state-of-the-art technology granite bridge saws and marble bridge saws that are equipped with high end features. You can find wide range of bridge saw models at our warehouse that offer optimum quality fabrication of the stones. You can easily cut and shape hard stones like marble and granite into beautiful marble mantels, marble medallions, and marble gazeboes with bridge saws. It is perfect tool for shaping the shapeless rocks and stones. 

The razor-sharp blades of our high quality bridge saws allow you to carry out the process of stone fabrication easily and quickly. Granite bridge saws and marble bridge saws help in accomplishing restoration and refinishing of precious statues easily and precisely. Bridge saws easily rip of hard and thick stones without wasting even little bit of it during the cutting and fabrication process. You can also get used bridge saws, granite bridge saw and water jet machines with us in case you have a limited budget.

Granite bridge saws and marble bridge saws are not only excellent in terms of efficiency and speed but also offer great safety. It is being widely used by marble companies and other similar companies as it increases the productivity of the work significantly. Marble Services has tie up with corporations, businesses and residents and is known for providing exceptional marble services and marble products, such as bridge saws, Granite Bridge saw and water jet machines.

Our Moto

PB Marble Services Co. located in Los Angeles CA, is committed to bring you the best granite, bridge saws, marble or any stone in nature at the best price available anywhere. Any shop will be proud of the CNC Machine Center or Abrasive Water Jet cutting machines.These machines can cut any metal, plastic or other material. Our commitment & dedication to customer service includes stocking all spare parts in our warehouse. Our goal is to meet your customer service needs around the clock.
pay it all by AMEX or up to $7400.- buy Visa / Master card, Discover. (3% service charge will apply)

*East cost add $2000 *M. west add $3000

* Shipping price (factory direct shipping) will be determine when shipping Co. advise. (for Alaska & Hawaii)

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