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MAYA-625/400/Express 3200


Spare Part for MAYA 625-400
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Analog Part/Stock No and Description

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Switching Power Supply (Model:S-100-24) $240 In stock
2 OMRON Relay (Model:MY2NJ) with Bass(Model:PYF08A-E) $48 In stock
3 Telemecanique Safety Limit Switch(Model:D4NA-412G) $111 In stock
3A Adjustment Bracket $18 B/O
4 TRUCK Proximity Switch (Model:NI10-Q25-AN6X) $90 In stock
5 Water electromagnetic control valve (P/N:0927300) DC 24V $150 In stock
5A Electronic air valve for 600A $75 In stock  
6 OMRON Rotary Encoder (E6B2-CWZ6C 5 to 24V DC) for bridge $690 In stock
6A OMRON Rotary Encoder (E6C3-CWZ5GH) 600 P/R (12 to 24VDC) for table $690 In stock PIC 
6B linear encoder MSK640-0003 24VDC fo 600A/625A for X & Y axis   B/O PIC 
7 Single-way Check valve (Model:KC-03) $120 In stock

Bridge Saw Laser RED  Buy Now

$235 In stock laser with bracket no.1.jpg
8A Bridge Saw Laser GREEN  Buy Now $308 In stock
9 Hydraulic Electromagnetic Control Valve (Model:C2) $330 In stock
10 Hydraulic Electromagnetic Control Valve Model:(6C) $330 In stock
11 Hydraulic Electromagnetic Control Valve (Model:2A) $330 In stock  
11 Hydraulic Electromagnetic Control Valve (Model:0A) $330 In stock
12 Hydraulic Pipe  1.3M (4') $66 In stock  
12A Hydraulic Pipe  0.5M (2') $75 In stock  
13 Hydraulic Pipe  1.2M (5') $90 In stock  
13A Hydraulic Pipe  2.2M (7') $150 In stock  
14 Hydraulic Pipe  7M (23') $198 In stock  
15 Hydraulic Pipe  7.5M (24') $204 In stock  
16 Hydraulic Pipe  15M (48') $375 In stock  
16A Hydraulic Pipe  5M (16') for Maya-600A $72 In stock  
16B Hydraulic Pipe  7.8M (25') for Maya-600A $105 In stock  
16C Hydraulic Pipe  18.8M (62') for Maya-600A $240 In stock  
17 4-way direction control shaft on Front Control Board $150 In stock
18 Blade Speed indication $90 In stock
18A Speed Controller $75 In stock
19 Voltmeter on the transformer door R/L $30 In stock
20 Inverter 1.5KW/2HP (Maya-625/400) (ATV31HU15N4A) $1410 In stock
20A VFD-B - motor inverter 600A (X-Z exis) $1550 In stock
20B VFD-B - forward/reverse motor inverter 600A (Y)   B/O  
20C VFD-B - forward/reverse motor inverter 600A (Y) $1550 In stock
20D VFD-B - motor inverter 600A  (220v)   In stock  
21 MPT monitor for 625 $1245 In stock
21A new MPT:NB7W-TW00B $1545 In stock
21B LCD 625 (S) $930 In stock  
21C LCD for 600A $930 In stock  
22 PLC 625/625A (CPM2AH-60CDR-A) $1590 In stock
22A PLC 625/625A (CP1E-N60DR-A-SD) $1590 In stock
22B PLC 625A (S) $1590 In stock  
22C PLC 600A (S) $1590 In stock  
23 Hydraulic cylinder for table right 1050 In stock
23A Hydraulic cylinder for table left $1050 In stock
25 Wire Tube 38I-70 $150 In stock
26 Terminal Box $90 In stock
27 Terminal Overload Relay LD2-D2353C, 23-32A $135 In stock
27A Terminal  Overload Relay LR2-D1314N $87  In stock  
28 Break DZ47-63, C32,380V $150  In stock
29 Break DZ47-63, C10,380V $150 In stock
30 Break DZ47-63, C10,220/380V $150 In stock
31 Contactoe, LC1-D09M7C $180 In stock
32 LM-0.5 $120 In stock
34 Oil meter $102 In stock  
35 Hydraulic engine for table rotation $750 In stock

See Picture

36 Motor for oil pump 380v $700 In stock
36A Motor for oil pump 220v ( 600A/625A) (S) Jiejia 3KW-4 pole In stock

1 - Up & Down



Gear & Motor Spec,

37-UG Gear - RV63-25 (20mm shaft)  (625A-600A) 650 In stock
37-UM Motor - JS-90S-4 B5, 1.1KW- 220v (625A-600A) 750 In stock
37-UM1 Motor -  YS8024 (0.75 Kw) 380/220v (625A) old 750 In stock
37-UG1 Gear - Reduce up/down speed is RV63-50. (600A) 650 B/O
37BG Gear - RV63-1/30 Gear [Up & Down]  (SH) 625A 650 In stock
2 - Forward & Back
37-FM Motor -  JS-90L-4 B5, 1.5KW (625A & 600A) 750 In stock
37-FG Gear -  RV75-60  (625A-600A) 650 In stock
37-FMG Motor & Gear - Type: Gear  RV75-60-0.75KW  (380/220)v 1200 In stock
37-FG1 Gear - RV75-60 >OLD< 650 In stock
37-FM1 Motor -  8024 0.75KW (380/220)v (625A-600A) 750 In stock
37A Motor & Gear  YS90L (Kw 1.5) Gear: RV75 (25mm shaft) Left & Right 380/220v (SH 625A) 1200 In stock
37C Motor & Gear Type: Gear RV75-60-0.75KW forward & backward (27mm shaft)>SH<
3 - Tilting Head
37-TG1 Gear - RV63-100 (625A) old (19mm) 650 B/O
37-TG Gear -( RV75-80 (625A) (24mm) new 650 In stock
37-TM1 Motor - JS-80M2-4 B5, 0.75KW (625A) (19mm)  380v 750 In stock
37-TM Motor - JS-90L-8 B5, 0.75KW (625A) (24mm) 220v 750 In stock
37-TG2 Gear - RV40-40+ RV75-40 (600A) NEW >>Works only with 37-TM3<< 650 In stock
37-TM2 Motor - JS-80M2-6 B5 0.55KW (600A) old  >>Replaced by 37-TM3<< 750 In stock
37-TM3 Motor - JS-63M2-4 B5 0.18KW (600A) NEW >>Works only with 37-TG2<< 750 In stock
37-TG2 Gear - RV75-80 (600A/625A) >NEW< 650 In stock
37-TG3 Gear box for 45 degree (600A) 650 In stock
37-TS Tilting blade gear shaft (600A) 37-TS B/O
37-TG4 Gear set for (600A) (2 gear set) 1050 In stock
4 - Left & Right
37-LM Motor - JS-90L-4 B5, 1.5KW (625A) 380v 750 In stock
37-LM1 Motor -  JS-90L-4 B5, 1.5KW (625A) 220v 750 In stock
37-LG Gear - RV75-40 (25mm shaft) (625A) 650 In stock
37-LM2 Motor - JS-100L1-4 B5 2.2KW (600A) 750 In stock
37-LG2 Gear - RV90-50 (25mm shaft) (600A) <NEW< 650 In stock
37-LG1 Gear - RV90-40 (25mm shaft) (600A) 650 In stock
37A Motor & Gear  YS90L (Kw 1.5) Gear: RV75 (25mm shaft) Left & Right 380/220v (SH 625A) 1200 In stock
37K  Axis encoder strip with the magnetic strip (600A) B/O
38 Pressure gage $42 In stock

39 Oil pump $900 In stock
40 Limit Yellow engine block $45 In stock
41 Bearing 6306 (Table) $36 In stock
41A Bridge mount for lineal bearing set model: Hiwin HG-30 (Maya-600A) $150 In stock
41B Silver slider - lineal bearing 405 In stock
42 Z axis bolt/screw & nut for lifting blade (up & down) for XZQQ-625A $950 In stock
42A Z axis nut for lifting blade  (up & down) for XZQQ-625A $600 B/O
42B Z axis bolt/screw for lifting blade (up & down) for XZQQ-625A $750 In stock  
43 Wired Remote (only the remote) $135 In stock
43A Wired Remote (including the wire) $235 In stock
43B wireless pendant remote $435 In stock
43C Transmitter replacement for wireless remote $250 B/O
44 Bridge cover for Maya-400/625 accordion complete set $510 In stock  
44A Rail cover 625/625A/400 (two sides set) $360 In stock

Rail cover for Maya-625A (S) (4 pieces) (also for 600A)

$720 In stock

Bridge cover 625A (S) (2 peaces)

$510 In stock
44D Bridge cover for Maya-600A $510 In stock  

Transformer 220 > 380 3phs

$2950 B/O

Motor for Maya-625 (220v) S (wiring box on side) Picture

$3300 In stock
46C Motor for Maya-600  (220v) (wiring box on top) Picture $3300 In stock
46D Motor for Maya-625 (S) 380v 60Hz $3300 In stock
47 Bridge saw table hinges set (S) $258 In stock  

Motor supporting plate

$450 B/O  

Blade cover (stainless) 625A

$350 In stock  
48A Nut for blade (XZQQ) Maya-625/A (Diameter treat) $120 In stock
48B Nut for blade (ZDCQ) 600(Diameter treat) $80 In stock
48C Nut for blade 625A / 600 (Diameter treat) S 120 In stock  

Plastic gear for table rotation

$150 In stock

Metal gear (small) for table engine

$140 In stock

Manual mode break


In stock

Table rotation stopper for 625A

$750 In stock

Table rotation stopper for 600A

$750 B/O
52 Control Panel button RED $20 In stock
53 Control Panel button GREEN $20 In stock
54 Control Panel Switch $70 In stock
54A  Emergency Stop (22mm)      

Complete Hydraulic unit for Maya-400 (380v)

$3240 B/O

Milling Wheel 14" 1 1/2" Teflon Body

$598 B/O

Red, yellow, green lights for operations on top of machine – entire set-up (600A)

$185 In stock

Temperature Gauge (600A)

$25 In stock

pairs of tilting table pistons (R & L)

$1500 In stock  

latch lever for electrical panel (600A)

$25 In stock

Converter 1 phase to 3 phase including shipping (25 Hp)

$3495 In stock  

45 degree shaft for 625A

$240 B/O  

Side rails guide wheel

$240 n stock
Item #  Analog Part/Stock No and Description Price $ USD Status Picture

Not including shipping

* Electrical & electronics parts carry no warranty after installation (cannot be returned)

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