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We offer a wide variety of products ranging from professional grade cleaners to various accessories required for restoration. Our high quality diamond pads for marble, diamond pads for travertine, diamond pads for stone, and diamond pads for floor buffer etc. offer that reflecting shine even on the curved edges of almost every type of stone.  

Moreover, the floor restoration pads, diamond pads for granite, diamond pads for terrazzo as well as other floor pads also provide the same quality results. To be more precise, our products be it diamond pads for terrazzo or any other kind of diamond pads for floor work effectively with every floor restoration machine.

The polish acquired on the stones with the PB Marble Services products gives highest level of satisfaction. Furthermore, the duo of diamond pads for floor and floor restoration machine works like wonder and deliver excellent results. Our products provide unmatchable and durable outcomes to the users whether they are tile contractors or Monumentalists.   Our products are designed to attain scratch-free highly polished finish on all stones be it marble, granite, concrete, limestone or any other natural stone.

To wrap up with, every product offered by PB Marble Services deliver desired and extremely satisfactory   end results.

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